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What They Say

Alexis Kennedy

Nonprofit Administrator

"When I think of the word 'vibrant,' Coach Kim immediately comes to mind. I have benefitted both personally and professionally from Coach Kim's guidance. Her words are motivating and inspiring. But beyond that, she focuses on accountability, goal-setting, and taking action to get what you want out of life. Coach Kim has empowered me to live my best life."

Elaine W. Askins
Wellness Ambassador

"Come to her table and feast on well prepared food that will nourish your mind, touch your spirit and positively impact your behavior! The “meal” that Coach Kim serves arouses an appetite for MORE! Don’t MISS her Presentations!"

Jackie Peterson

 Baltimore City Educator

"Coach Kim is an amazing Motivational Speaker. She is Enthusiastic and passionate in her presentation and delivers valuable information to her audience."

Cyril Jervis,

Counselor & Site Director

"When Coach Kim speaks people listen. With her charisma and illustrative style, she captures the attention of her audience. She is captivating, clear and concise in her presentations!"

Victoria Ashley,

Professional Photographer

"If you’re looking for a world-class speaker, look no further. Coach Kim is captivating, and guaranteed to get you on the fast track to your best life. Hearing her speak made a profound impact on how I navigate throughout the world, and that type of change in thinking is absolutely priceless.“

Jacqueline Kess-Gardner, Registered Nurse

"Coach Kim is an outstanding motivator and public speaker. She is and has always been ahead of her time. I've had the opportunity of attending numerous venues where she has spoken and have watched the awestruck audiences, including myself be absolutely mesmerized and blown away by this young lady's confidence, articulation, professionalism, and her gift.  She has clarity in her speaking, accuracy in her recall, and absolute precision in her delivery. I highly recommend Coach Kim as a motivational speaker -  in a few words, she ROCKS."

Rev. Dr. William M. Jordan III

"As a Presiding Elder in the Methodist Church, I would like to inform anyone who will acquire the motivational skills of Coach Kim, would be highly inspired and motivated. Coach Kim is not only inspirational, however her qualifications help others to see themselves as individuals who can achieve their goals and objectives."

Matilda Taylor

Elementary School Educator

"Coach Kim is captivating, radiant, and knowledgable in the content area in which she is speaking. She leaves the listener with renewed aspiration and motivation to reach for a higher quality of life and enhanced life style."

Valerie Walker 

Wellness Advisor

"I have found Coach Kim to be a very effective communicator. She is dedicated, focused and has a beautiful vivacious personality that makes any of her presentations a joy to experience."


Dr. Sharon Smith

Educational Leadership, President of Larissa by Design

"If you are looking for a speaker who will keep you on the edge of your seats, waiting for the next word to drop - someone to convince your group that they can accomplish anything “if you just follow what I say”. . .   Coach Kim is the speaker who always delivers." 



Jesse Williams

Higher Education Development

"Coach Kim is dynamic, motivating, unique, and a visionary. Her approach to oration facilitates genuine  audience engagement; cultivating inner growth while remaining uplifting. A teacher and lifelong learner from the school of life, her commitment to the individual betterment of others is highly apparent. Whether speaking on topics such as personal development, relationship building, entrepreneurship, spirituality, women’s issues, or many others, her goal for you is clear: to live life, and live more abundantly."


Alice Quarles

USPS Executive Retiree

"I have known Coach Kim for many years and in several realms including business. social and as a personal life coach. She has always demonstrated outstanding ability to engage large audiences as well as individuals and small groups. No dry bones here. She is always engaging and inspiring with her enthusiasm combined with knowledge of mission, personal reflections and humor.  All these attributes have been observed as she served as a keynote speaker, workshop leader and in seminars with other speakers. Even now during a global pandemic she has used new technology as a challenge and uses it as an advantage. As one of her most impressive abilities, I have witnessed her during      Q & A sessions as she instinctively grasps the individuals’ concerns and addresses them accordingly."


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